Ecotap charging station

Ecotap charging station

Electric transport is getting more and more popular. Many people choose an electric car, scooter or bicycle. Not surprising, because the environmental and financial benefits are enormous. The number of electric charging points has also increased rapidly in the Netherlands, and this development will be strengthened in the near future.

Ecotap Chargers are very environmental friendly. They work extremely efficiently and provide clean mobility in an electric bike, scooter, scooter and/or car.

The car charger communicates with the car, and therefore it can transmit correct maximum load, appropriate to that specific car. This prevents many inconveniences, so it is a novelty that is very valuable.

Ecotap products have a great design, are easy to operate and vandal proof.

How can we help you?

We are pleased to visit you to see what is the most appropriate charging point for you, so we can make an offer which suits you best. Feel free te contact us.

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Charging stations

Electric transport is taking serious forms. More and more people choose an electric car, scooter or bicycle.


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